About me

I am a 41 year old Christian Homeschooling Mom of a beautiful & talented 15yr old, “Mum” to a beautiful young lady has come into our lives that we now call our daughter, Wife to my best friend and true love for 18+ years, Daughter to the best parents I know, and Sister to some dear women God has brought into my life.  (I am an only child by birth only 🙂 )

Born in New England in 1970, I lived there all my life with the exception of one year after we were married, we moved to Alaska for a year, and then last year when we relocated to the (West) Houston Area for my husband’s work.  I do really like the quote; “I wasn’t born in Texas, but I got here as fast as I could.”

I was challenged by my husband and a dear friend to write this blog. God has given me a passion for sharing what I learn about true health, clean eating, and how those two work together.  I do not believe symptoms should be treated without finding the underlying cause and treating that.  I have been the victim by improper treatment and was almost killed because of lack of knowledge by the doctor I trusted.  In my opinion, healthcare nowadays is guided by pharmaceutical drug and insurance companies.  Doctors don’t have the time to learn about what they are really treating.  They do their best and prescribe what they think is the right for us, but don’t have the time to sit and really figure out what is going on with out bodies.  Guided by symptoms, not looking at the body as a whole is a major flaw in the US mainstream healthcare system.

I will also be sharing stories and articles about My Faith, Family, Travel, and Homeschooling to name a few.

I hope you find this as a tool to educate yourself so that you may live the best life you can.