26 Seconds

Hello Friends!

Do you think about what you put on for skin care or are you simply on autopilot?

When you get washed up and ready for the day, what products do you pick?

Did you know that whatever we put on our skin sinks into our blood stream in 26 seconds? When I first started on my journey to Natural Health after my own health scare, I didn’t even think of it. It wasn’t until I had a friend share with me this tidbit of info that it all started to click.

26 Seconds!

Yikes! Of course! How had I missed it? I became mad at myself for foolishly trusting in the media to educate me when basically they were just telling me what they want me to spend my money on.

So this tidbit of knowledge opened up a whole new can of worms.
What about hand lotion? deodorant? hand sanitizer? my make-up? lipstick? sunscreen? my soap? hair products? The list goes on and on.

And we wonder why Cancer and various other health problems are on the rise in the USA.

For me, it was COMPLETELY OVERWHELMING to start thinking this way. My encouragement to you is to Breathe, and start slow. Pretty soon it’ll become second nature.

Educate yourself.

PS. Here’s a fun little video on the Toxic 12. It’s about 10min long but a great 101 on ingredients.

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